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Default Futura 111/122

Hi Team,
I sail mainly in a lake between 10/15 Knots, with 7.0/8.0 mts. sails. I have 68 Kgs.
I'm planning to change my present board AHD Inspiro,136 lts., wich I feel it's to big for my present level ( planning, jibes, waterstart, etc.).

I was looking for the new Futura's, wich I supose it's a good choice for this Kind of conditions, freeride, freerace...
My doubt concerne with the issue that I've read some comments about the real volume of the boards of this brand - Starboard - and right now I've some dificulties in decide what board volume should be apropriate for me !!!

I've searched even in the website of ISA- International Sailing Federation ( a link mentioned in the forum) but I didn't found nothing over there ????

Question: could you informe me what is the real volume of Futura 111 and Futura 122 ?

Many thanks.
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