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Originally Posted by sent789 View Post

A fair percentage of the time is spent with the 7.5m in fluky conditions so I am leaning to the 111, but I really love 20-25knots + so I am willing to give up a bit of performance at the low end for a more fun ride & jumping experience.

I would be interested in anyones thoughts. Particularly comparing S-type 115 with Future 111 or 101 in high wind riding, gybing & chop jumping.

This is why I got the Futura 111 - I will try to push it to marginal 7.5 conditions. Otherwise I would definitely have gotten the 101.

It's a tough call, but I came down in favor of having a bigger board than is necessary for 6.5, in order to get the early planing with a 7.5.

I have sailed the board once (see my recent post), in reasonably powered up and bumpy 6.5 conditions, and was pleased to find that the board didn't get out of control. The 101 probably would have been nicer, but the 111 was still great. I never sailed the S-Type, so I can't offer any comparisons.
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