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Yes but Steve drive an old Dino and then have a go in an F40; 355 or anything post 95.You would give the Dino away(except that its worth a Fortune)
Compare a Caterham 7 from 95 to one from 05.Yes the 95 was good but the 05`s are just sublime.Same with Porsche. (Compare a 944 with a Boxster!)
Time moves on.

If you are buying very specialist kit I sort of agree.Dont think my old Slalom board from Circa 87 would be that slow (with modern rigs on it)
However over past few seasons it really has become possible to have a board that can compete on speed terms with likes of Sputniks ; ealy planing on a par with Astro Rocks and then be more than capable in waves/chop. (Kombats/Fanatic Hawks/Goya FXR`s)
Few weeks ago mate was on his Thomen(speed/slalom board from late 90`s). Not long since I woukld have had to put my similar (horrible sailing) board on to keep up.I put Goya FXR on and he was struggling keeping up with me; plus I was making gybes.(And he`s better sailor)
I know we are comparing stuff thats almost 10 years old but the mere fact we look at it says a lot about pace of board development.
A new board will be worn out in five years and to my mind obsolete. Roughly 200 a year depreciation for best sport in world is nothing.
BTW depreciation on Custom boards is double that on production. You dont have a clue what you are buying with a 3 year old Custom so nobody buys them 2nd hand.(Not at a price worth selling them for anyway)

Boards . Carve 131. Goya FXR 105. Acid 86.
PS Want to try Futura.(Didnt like S type) as replacement for Carve.
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