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Hi Jeff,
Spread the straps out one hole and I think you will find that you have no more problems with the footstraps being tight.
And, you will get the added advantage of being able to move your heel along the rail.
This can help with early planing, staying upwind, etc. It's often surprising what changing the angle of your foot and moving your heel can do.
So, if you are using the back holes, move the front of the strap to the middle hole (of the 3 positions) and make the strap a little wider.
Then really pull the adjustment on the footstrap out to the extent so you can get your foot in and out safey (even with your booties).
I've been running all the demo boards this way for years.
Once you get used to being able to move your heel and change the angle of your foot, I doubt you will ever want to have straps that are tight on the sides again.
Just cinch the straps down they hold your foot against the board lightly.
Footstraps are not like bindings on skis.
Hope this helps,
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