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Hi Nik,
I still like the Futura 122 overall, as it's a bit wider which will give you better initial stability and better ability to plane in < 14 knots of wind.
If 12-17 knots is about the most wind you will see, I would think a larger (6.5 m2 free race camless/cambered as a minimum) rig would give you alot more planing time.
The Futura 111 will certainly work, but you give up a little low wind planing, and initial stability.
I weigh a little more than you do and I'd be on a 7.5m2 or larger rig until at least 16 knots.
Maybe you have a different sort of wind that I've never experienced, but the sail sizes you are describing seem very small (under-powered) for the windspeeds you describe.
Hope this helps,
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