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I got stung by a Ray when I came in from windsurfing in Miami. Didn't even know what happend at first...thought I stepped on sharp object at first. It hurt like crap, but you get rid of the pain by soaking it in warm water (which is what they did when I went to the hospital). No pills, no anti venoms, just soaking is the cure for the pain. I had a bootie on, and it went right through the bootie but the stinger did not lodge. If this happens, you can get your bone infected and lots of bad stuff stems from that. They give you an anti-biotic, which, thinking I was all better, I stopped taking prematurely. The thing then became so infected I was afraid to look at it and I had to go back. The ones here, for the most part, are smaller, 3-4 feet that I have seen, but if a big one got you in the heart...whoa.....the poison definitely spreads as it went up to my groin, but seemed to stop there.

Do the stingray shuffle, and you will not get stung while walking. I was right next to about 20-25 people standing 20 feet from shore, so it can happen anywhere.
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