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Default Footstrap position question for is86 & is76

Just picked up my new is86 & is76 and I must say that they look great, just hope they will perform well on the water too. So to my question, if you mount the footstraps in the most rear poistion the anti twist plastic plate will actually go outside the deckpad and just slighty touch the actual deck. Since you have to tighten the screws rather hard (which is a mess on the is76) you are a bit afraid that you will destroy the deck on the board. Is it supposed to be like this, why isn't the deckpads placed more to the back of the board in order to avoid contact from the actual deck on the board. The answer might be that you shouldn't mount the straps in the most rear poistion but than I can't understand why you have the possability to have it there.
Where do you place your footstraps on these board? I have an is101 2008 model also and on that board the footpads are placed much better and you don't have any problems with the anti screw plates touching the board it self.
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