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I would have to disagree about small boards not being fun in light winds. They certainly add a challange for just schlogging, build up an excellent knowledge and a certain style that allows you to tack a 95 L board or smaller in underpowered conditions. I personally had a Go 139, but found it to be WAY too big for my 150ish pound frame. I purchased a 111 L hypersonic from the 2004 range. I found this to be a much better match to me. For one, I can get planing on a 7.6 naish redline in 12-13 knots with the bigger fin and some pumping. This smaller board really gets you relying on the SHAPE of the board compared to depending on just the volume to get you planing. Better technique and a better knowledge of tuning will get you having way more fun on a smaller, more responsive board

I would suggest the Go though. You don't want to be sailing a floating door, the Go handles big sails well especially with the excellent race fin that comes with it. Also, the resail vaule is high, just as someone before me said. I was able to litteraly trade my 2006 Go 139 for the hypersonic. The added bonus of the tough construction makes it bomb proof.

There is not going to be a baord for light wind and higher wind that meets each requirement. You ahve to comprimise and get something more like 120 to 130 L i think. Maybe the Go 139 would be a good choice for you. For progressing that is the best board I would say. When you are learning the straps, you are going to want to get something with a hard nose ;-)

If you are worried about not having fun in lighter winds, either get a bigger sail, or do what I do. Pay your dues and work on freestyle! Light wind jibes, tacks also do wonders for when the higher winds come in. Building muscle memory is key. I am not one of those big board people. Some people love the big kona boards, but if its not windy enough for a 7.6, I work on heli tacks, hass tacks, random sail flips and upwind 360's etc. way more fun than just going in strauight lines with a big huge baord

Hope this helps,


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