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Thank you Phill104, Ian and SteveC for replies.

for Ian: could I assume ideal sail for any iS (2007 models) is approx. 1 meter less than declared max size ?? For example: 133 sails range covers from 6.5 to 10.0... so, could I think that "ideal" sail for iS 133 is a 9 meters or that iS 111 ideal sail is a 8 while for iS 101 is a 7.5 ???

for SteveC: yes I would like to use 7.3 in Mid to High wind condition with option to switch to a 6 meters sail when wind increases... my only dubt about iS 101 regards volume: I'm afraid 101 liters (96 in ISAF list of approved slalom boards) are very little and that this board tends in sinking... what are your exprerience about ?
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