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Ian you're a "professor" !!!No better way to explain a complex argument.
I totally agree with you.
In this question what really makes the difference is the personal feeling/taste of the sailor.In the crowded range of Isonics the vicinity of board sizes can generate some (useless) thought but their big attitude to adapt itself at any condition reduce substantially the problem (at least for the real world use).
Please note that I'm stating this because of my direct experience.I was almost stressed for have to choose just one between 111 or 101 and after having sailed my 111 all the season I can say that if you're in 75-85 kg range you can ride succefully both board in such nearly the same condition!
Actually I'm not saying they're the same but that they could fine trimmed also for that part of the range they're not best suited for.What do you think can big change between 111 l or 101 ?!Push the button "on" and play the game hard on 111 or stay quieter and enjoy the 101.Both have their weak point but personally prefer don't miss power when in the pack.If too windy just reduce the fin and the sail and that's it.Or inspire yourself to Antoine!!!
Another thing I'd like really say here is that maybe Isonic is not so sensitive as other brands but you NEVER will be in trouble with them!
The only downside I would report here is its difficult (compared to some other board) sometimes or in such a situation to put the 6th gear and get your chance for overtake another rider.BUT it is more frequent when in freeride mode than in a race course.
Do you agree Ian? I know,it's all a compromise matter and it's not possible stay in both sides but searching and developing.....
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