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Hi Expander,

Iīm waiting for my new IS133 W85 (probably tomorrow i will receive it ) in order to replace my nice Manta 125 . Currently I also own an IS111 2007 and an IS86 2007, so my quiver will be very similar to Phill 104īs (Hi Phill, how are you?).
All these weeks I was wondering if the new IS 101 would fit better in the new quiver than the 111 2007, last weekend a close friend brougth a new 101 from hawaii and I had the opportunity to try the new toy. frankly speaking I didnīt found any major advantage, at least for my weight (89-90 Kg -1,83m) and highly overpowered sailing style (I tried both boards with code Red 7.7 -definitively better for IS111- and Vapor 6.5 -slightly better for IS101-). An important detail is that when the wind eases the volume difference is really evident.
As you are lighter but higher, our leverage power would be quite similar, so probably you will arrive to the same conclusions (of course dependig of your riding style).

I hope this will help you, but my recomendation (If you have the opportunty) is try yourself both boards.

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