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Smile Sailing style

Hi Ian,

thanks for a thorough explanation.

The board I am looking for has to be an easy "plug-and-play" type of board with a fairly easily accessable performance range. I will NOT be spending "hours on end" trying to figure out the correct tuning. Experimenting with tuning to "get going" will just takes away from the joy of sailing - experimenting requires time and you learn only through errors which adds to the frustration. Jybing should be not too difficult either.

I primarily "just" race my mates up and down the coastline. Small jumps of wind waves. But as I sometimes sail in off-shore conditions it would mean a great deal that I would be able to sail against the wind.

Wind strength would be 9-15 which is why I am looking for a one board - one sail combo.

So which one board?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards

PS: please do not suggest that I test out a few different boards. Where I live the shops have a very limited selection of different boards (the actually import a different brand than Starboard). I will have to tell them what to get.
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