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Originally Posted by windsurferdagg View Post
just concentrate on the carve and foot change first. Let the sail pull you over, then let go of the rig early and then carve all the way around, then collect it again on the other side.
is why the following happens

Originally Posted by windsurferdagg View Post
As for planing jibes, i have yet to get one. I have trouble trying to flip the sail after the carve. it seems I can't sheet in afterwards some of the time. I sometimes even have to just pivot the board more upwind to sheet in, which I don't understand. It mustbe some mental block, because somtiems I get them, other times I don't
You can only "let go" in overpowered situations. In all other situations YOU have to flip your sail push (clew) and pull (mast).

And keep in mind broad reach (start flip) to broad reach (already hooked in again in new direction)
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