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Aerotech is rumored to be making their 2008 VMG race sail in the superlight Cuben Fiber material. This material reportedly reduces sail weight by about 20% and is supposed to be very durable. Most of the weight savings is in the top and towards the leech (because the luff sleeve and cams stay the same), so it supposedly really feels like more than 20% difference.

The details of which sizes are available in the Cuben construction are not posted yet, but if you post an inquiry on the Aerotech Forum I am sure Steve from Aerotech will let you know the details. Relevant sizes for Marcia would probably be 9.0, 9.8, 11.0.

Here is a thread with some positive comments from the testing of the prototypes, and some pics:

I have the 2007 9.8 and 8.3 VMG in regular Pentex and X-Ply construction for my Starboard Formula Experience, and I like them, but I don't race, just sail recreationally.

I also just purchased their 2-cam freerace sail, their Rapid Fire, in the Cuben construction in 9.0, but haven't sailed it yet.

Good luck!
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