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Hi again xmlshop,
Hmmmm.... Where do you see/locate/find/etc the "international sea scale".
Are you talking about the Beaufort Scale of windspeeds and sea conditions?
If you have winds 20-35 knots all the time, the Go/Futura 133 is far too large for
as sailor your size.
What size sails do you use most often?
I would think, at 56 kilos, you would be much more comfortable and learn alot faster on
a 100 liter or less board.
Kombat 96 ltr,.....Futura 93 or 101 ltr.
The 133 would be good for sails in the 7.5 m2 + range and wind speeds around 12-18 knots, not more than this.
Is your windspeed in knots?
Hope this helps,
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