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Default RE: Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing


There is a down side to the Apollo and Formula racing.

If you want to be as competitive as possible, you will have to travel with two formula boards, selecting the one the will work best when you arrive at the race.

Anyone racing an Apollo in Korea would have kicked butt. The playing field will never be level when people are on different boards. This assumes that all of today's formula boards are relatively equal.

Why not design a high wind formula board for those 25 knot+ days, then we can carry three boards to the formula events. Or you can change the rules and go to 3 boards and 3 sails. Of course, this goes in the opposite direction for which formula racing was conceived.

There is nothing in the current rules against having two boards at an event, you just have to choose one to use for the entire regatta. For us one board racers, It's going to cost us bunch of money to keep up with the guys with two boards.

I think you get my point.
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