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Originally Posted by Paulc View Post
Thank you PG, Ken and Floyd,

Floyd is getting at what i was wondering. i have a 10.0 and an F-type 158 for the low wind days. my next size sail is 7.5. i want to get off the ftype asap and be on the next board down with the 7.5. I was thinking a Futura 111/122 would be best at 68/72 wide. i'm not sure of the marginal difference between the 111/122/133 for low wind planing with the 7.5 and my 82kg weight. the optimum "width for my sail and weight" was exactly what i was wondering. i have a smaller kombat board for 6.0 and down sailing also. looks like i better get some more pumping skills .

thanks for the help and any more comments are welcome
I had the same question - I have an 80L wave board (good up to 5.5), and a Formula 159 (I have a 10.0, and 11.0). So, I needed a board in between. I was replacing an old-style (narrow) fast freeride, that only worked with sails up to 6.5 - I had to jump from 6.5 to 10.0, and often had to sail the formula when I'd have preferred something smaller.

I got the Futura 111, and will get a 7.5 for it.

I never really considered the 122, but did consider the 101. The Futuras are very wide, and I'm not 100% sure I got the right one. The 111 is a big board for powered-up 6.5, but I'm sure I'll be happy to have the width in light 7.5 conditions, so I guess I did the right thing.

If your Kombat will handle 6.0, then the 111 will probably not be too big, because you will start with 7.5 on it - which I would guess is the "sweetspot" for the 111. Should you go for the 122? - hard to say. You are heavier (I am ~73kg), but I would guess that he sweetspot for the 122 is more like 8.0 or 8.5.

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