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Default Sailing overpowered

I have always had a problem with my arms getting tired right away on windy days.

Three days ago I was fully powered on my 6.5 Retro and RRD 165 Z-Ride in 15 - 20 knots. It was a little gusty with some chop. I was sailing comfortably except that my arms got tired and ached most of the time.

I think what I do is to oversheet the sail with my arms and then lean back too far. I keep having to pull myself back up with my arms. I also do the tug of war pulling first with one arm and then the other. I tried setting my harness lines close together but that seems to make the sail more twitchy.

Even when the wind dropped I'll be sailing along ok but over and over I start to fall backwards and then sheet in hard to come over the board. I get set and lean back a little and then have to oversheet again a few seconds later.

Why I am so dysfunctional and is there any hope? My arms will thank you for any wisdom you might share!

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