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the 3.2 and 3.7 surflites are early 1990's so the new ones probably rig a little different..but I rig the 2 i do have on a 400 mast which is probably stiffer than recommended (i believe the optimal mast is a 370). Anyway i downhaul for normal sailing conditions so the leach is wrinkled down to half way between the 2 and 3rd batton and then outhaul so the 2nd batton from the top is off the mast. I like to sail them over powered thouh so in those conditions I'll down haul till theres a wrinkle all the way down to the 3rd batton from the top and adjust the outhaul accordingly. Because I use a stiiffer /longer mast than optimal (400 is the smallest mast i own) I have to really put more effort into the downhaul than i would w/ a 370 mast. It feels dialed in non the less though. The newwer ones may rig alittle different. Call Chris @ NW.. he's very informative and eager to explain how to rig the sails. Also check out the Simmer Style web site and check out their rigging videos for their diff sails.. watch the ones for all 3 of their wave sails as each one offers different pointers. The NW sails require a little more downhaul in general than the Simmers, but their really are some informative tips on how to fine tune the newwer generation of wave sails which carry over to all sail brands.

As far as a"soft feel", I have never experienced that w/ either the older surflites or the zxl's unless I don't downhaul or out haul them enough/correctly. ie if I rig them in very light wind just to get moving and then get hit with a gust they feel soft and the sail draft feels like its shifting and unstable alittle.. but thats only because the sail is too small for the wind conditions.
Also when fine tuning the new NW's (I have 2007 ZXL's 4.2-->5.7) adjustments in down and outhaul to adjust for litewind to strong wind requires only a 1-->3 cm change in tension depending on the conditions..its really quite remarkable!

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