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Hello Haiko,
I think there's alot more to wave sailing than you are aware of.
I'd suggest getting your own wave boards and rigs, or having lot's of
money to replace/repair any gear you borrow as the waves are going to
break some masts, possibly some boards, and trash your sails.
Make sure all the gear you get is "wave rated", or it will break very easliy.
Learn to chicken jibe, and spend alot of time learning to read the waves so you can get out through them.
Even shoulder high waves pack alot of power and you can't easily just "sail out" through breaking waves and lots of whitewater (the "soup" that forms after a wave pitches over and "breaks".
The right kind of board, and good technique can get you out past the breaking waves fairly quickly, but expect to spend some time in the "wash cycle" getting both your board and rig "rolled".
Best you can do is get on the end of the mast and just wait until the set of waves goes by, then organize a waterstart and go back to working your way out between the sets if possible.
Remember, if you borrow gear and take it into the waves and it breaks, you need to be able to replace it.
Hope this helps,
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