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Hi jeroenmarcia,

I am the coach of Morane who is only 53kgs and she wins many tittles in Formula Experience. She using the FE 160 with Overdrive 8,5 and 7,5 with the stock fin R13 70cm. The avantage of this equipment is very cheap and more durable and still fast. She finish Vice-World Champion under 20 years old in Formula Windsurfing while she was using only on a Formula Experience and she is only 14 years old. Her sister Cémentine who is a bit older 16 years old and 60kgs use the same equipment and finish at a good 4th place in FE included the boys under 17 years old.

Morane participate also in the devellopment of the F162 and love it and prefer to use R13 and R17 profil but never use over 8,5m˛.

Hope this can help

All the best

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