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Default which prokids flare


I'm buying a prokids flare for my little brother but I can't decide on which size to take.
He is 11 and weighs 35 kg. He is good at windsurfing - he can comfortably plane on a 87 litre board (55 cm wide), pretty good at jumping high and he is getting into freestyle. He is learning the vulcan now, half way there, but the board is, i think, not really good for him because it is too big and it is a wave board. He sails mostly on a 3.2.

At his current weight, i think he would be comfortable with either one of the flares, but I'm afraid that he will 'grow out' of the 60 litre too fast. And I'm also worried that the 72 will be too big for him and won't be much dofferent from the guerilla
he is on now.

I look forward to hearing from you.

all the best
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