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Hi again Roger,

I read another thread where You wrote about the Sailworks Retro 7.5 vs the Severene Glide 7.5:

QUOTE=Roger;8737]Hi Michael,
No, I haven't had the Glide out in more than around 12 knots/Gusts to maybe 15.
I'm pretty sure that's not the "concept" of the Glide and other examples of the new "power sails".
I have a whole set of Sailworks Huckers and they provide the extra drive and lift in a similar manner to the Glide, but the largest Hucker is a 6.6 m2 and since the Huckers are more a bump and jump or high wind jumping in the the Gorge concept (unless you rig them with very high tension for slalom racing) the Glide "stands out" as a light wind sail, and it's built much lighter than the Huckers.
The largest 6.6 Hucker is almost comparable to my 7.5 m2 Retro, but I think the Glide 7.5 m2 has a bit better low wnd than the 7.5 Retro.
I'm interested in doing a head to head test of the 7.5 Retro vs the 7.5 Glide on a couple of different boards (the Apollo being one of them.
The Serenity does not compare here as it "operates" in a completely different mode and in far less windspeed.
Hope this helps,[/QUOTE]

Have You had the chance to compare these sails?

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