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Some of this thread seems relevant to recent trouble I have been having. I have recently switched to a winter suit and _very_ thin gloves. At the same time, I've been getting some days in with higher than usual winds for me. For example today, I was well powered up with a 4.7 (forecast was for 30mph gusts of 40). Anyway, I am finding that I can only ride for 15 minutes before my hand is seemingly paralyzed (i.e., loses all grip strength). I did notice that at times i was holding the boom with my front arm with it noticeably bent (like lifting a weight). So I seem to have a confluence of factors that have converged and so today, I was just taking a few short runs, coming in to rest and warm up (40 F), repeat. Any thoughts about what is the biggest cause of this and what to focus on to correct it?


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