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Thanks Roger,

Next year I will use the 4.8, 5.6 and 6.6 Huckers and a 8.0 (2005) Retro.

I have thought about replacing the 8.0 Retro with a 7.5 Glide. The reason is that I guess the 7.5 Glide would give me a lighter feel, a little easier handling, and a bit more low end power than the 8.0 Retro. Do You think my guesses are right?

I now have two 460 Speedstick masts, and I donīt feel like buying a Severne Redline mast.

Do You think the Speedstick 460 would work with the 7.5 Glide?

Nice to hear that You will be able to go out on the water soon! Iīd be very interested to hear what You think about the new 8.0 Retro, and how it compares to the 7.5 Glide.

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