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Roger - thank you for your extensive answer, you are truly a great and patient teacher, like a Japanese master.

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I am very surprised here............... I would have thought you had moved the footstraps all the way back and all the way outboard a very long time ago.
Sorry I failed you Master!

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
So, if you haven't moved them outboard and back all the way, what prevents you from doing so......?
What do you think is going to happen if you move the footstraps all the way back and outboard?
I'd really like to hear your answer on this. It's kinda pivotal to your progress.
OK, why I haven't moved them back/out - because I thought it will be more difficult to get into them (and I had problems with that until very recently), so I wanted to start with more neutral setup.
But last Saturday I felt that I can't get all the leverage across the board I'd like to, since when I was trying to apply more pressure my feet were starting to slide deeper and deeper into the straps whereas I'd like to use my heels more to push the board's rails (and I guess this is the intended use, judging from how the pads are positioned over the rails).
I believe if I move the footstraps all the way back and outboard I'll get:
- better leverage to push across the board and the fin to get better upwind performance
- I will be able to lighten the board even more and ride on the very last, flat section of the bottom of the board.

Problems I'm afraid of:
- the nose will want to fly away in overpowered conditions
- I will need better technique (more wind?) to get so far back/out on the board
- it will be more difficult to handle the board when in chop due to the more outward setting (think how wave boards have the straps inside the board)?
- the board will become less maneuverable when on plane and in the straps

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Carve 122, Isonic 122, or Futura 122 would be excellent. If you want to "stretch" a little more, the 111 liter versions of all of these boards might be even better.
OK, that sounds great. I think I'll narrow it down to Carve or Futura (I need some rest from "technical" boards ).
But can you help me with choosing the size? Do these board feel larger? I am 85-90kg and honestly I remember that when I tried a ~130l Fanatic Shark this year I felt it's waaay smaller then my FT (I guess it was also because of the FT being very wide and thus stable). I also tried even a smaller Shark (120?) and I remember I had troubles with pointing the nose to the direction I initially wanted to go - the board would just stale across the wind and wanted to point very high all the time (it was ok when it got on plane though). I had to use my front leg a lot to get it going - it felt like the mastfoot was to far backward.

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I'm also planing to get a 6.0 GTX (also 3 cams as I really like my 7.5) and then 5.5 Gaastra Remedy - does that sound like a reasonable plan?
Why 3 cambers in a 6.0 m2 sail?
Well, because of my experience with my 7.5 - I had Gaastra Matrix (no cam) for a year and then sold it and and bought GTX, same size. I really like the difference - the stability, the power and I never feel my harness lines need to be moved around. Maybe it's because of my local conditions - very gusty. Also, some local folks complain they should have bought their ~6 sails with cambers.

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Going upwind on Carve vs. FT.
So, what fin do you have on your FT-148 now, the stock Drake 56 cm?
An upgrade to around 62-65 cm would help with early planing and perhaps get you some better upwind performance, but going to a 70 cm is not going to get your FT-148 to have the upwind performance of a full on formula board.
Yes, I have 56cm stock fin now. Before jumping on a new fin I'll try the new footstrap setting.

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
The Carve is not going to go upwind anywhere near as well as the FT-148.
Why....? It's a slalom board, with a much smaller fin. It will be faster and easier to control in chop than your FT-148, won't plane nearly as early, but it's whole concept is very different from the F-Type.
I understand, but can you give more details on what is the proper technique to go upwind with this board? Same thing with lifting the windward rail and pressing across the fin or you just use the shape of the bottom and tilt the board to the direction you want to go (not very efficient way at least on my FT as you loose speed and control)?
BTW: is it normal that my front foot gets pretty tired from lifting the rail up all the time?


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