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I'm 80 to 85 KG and sail a Hyper 111 & have just ordered a F93. I use sails 8.4/6.7/5.8 race sails.

8.4 10-18
6.7 15-25
5.8 18 +

The F111 compared to the the F122,133 should plane just as quick, and it would be more fun. This is if you are using it in a genuine 13/14+ knots. Given the width of these newer boards they really plane up quicker and with a good technique, getting your weight off the board through mast foot pressure, you can use a size or 2 smaller, especially if you already have the light wind thing covered.

This is a point I make to a lot of people, once you get past the intermediate stage, 1 board no longer works, you need 2 to cover most conditions

Happy sailing
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