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Hi Birmoser,

Welcome to Helsinki! I think you will be able to enjoy yourself...

To get an understanding of how much wind we have here you can browse this archive The top of the gusts are about equal to the wind on open water.

With a Formula you can get quite a number of days during the season, but also with smaller equipment like a Freestyle and a 6.0 sail (if 75 kg) you can typically sail 2-3 says a week. 50-60 days per season is not impossible if you have flexible working hours.

There is flat water and chop in Helsinki, but by driving some 1.5-3.5 hours you can sometimes score some pretty decent wave sailing.

You will need a 5/3 steamer with a rashguard underneath (and boots, hood, gloves) early in the season (april, may) and late in the season (September, October, November). In between it is warmer and a shortarm steamer is quite appropriate.

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