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Default isonic 2008. Ian-Remi

Hallo guys,
as many times said in this forum I'm a happy owner of '07 isonic 111.
Don't want stay here talking about greatness of its shape,I just wonder if 111 '08 worth the price.
I sail the board with that powerfull mode that for all the season was here requested and no problem with but the only complaint about the board is that it seems to lack the 6th gear when it does need (I'm talking in racing point of view).
Do you think with '08 model I'll get this chance?
I've seen you've widened the tail of less 1 cm. I guess you should thin it as well.
What different ride I have to expect?
Another thing I don't understand is related to range.
You say that '07 and '08 have the same sail/wind range.
If so how do you achieve the same or better speed with a longer fin in the same size board?
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