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Chris Pressler
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Hi Jamie,
yep, I sailed on the 96 and 122, both in wood. Both are very easy to get into planing and have an awesome endspeed. The 96 is suitable for so many different conditions in its size compared to other boards. Besides the board stays extremely stable when you are in subplaning position. I also like it for freestyle. The thin and realatively flat nose spins like hell. Sailsizes were from 4.7 to 6.0. I used the Gators on, and fins from 22 to 28.
The 122 can carry a quite big sail and works in a wide windrange. I mostly sailed the board with the Gator 8,0, but gave the short funboard to other people at the beach, who had so much fun using a 5,3 on it, especially ladies.
With these two boards I coud cover most of the windconditions with 3 sails (4.7/5.3 and 8.0) on flatwater and bump&jump conditions.
If you should have any specific questions just come back to me.
All the best,
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