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Thank you Remi,
generally I've followed your advice and everything worked right!
Just coming back from a dramatic slalom session.
Wind cross-off.In the beginning it was a lot switching and gusty.I felt I was not right motored by my rs:r 7,8 and 111 so I've asked for a board change to my friend as he was a bit lazy.So I've started my session in full power mode sail and F2 L '07 with 42 fin.
I expected a huge speed difference in that light air (12-14) but,althought different sets up,it wasn't compared to my 111.After a while the wind increased to solid 18-22 gusty and things started to be interesting.The flat water (with some chop) gave me the confidence to push hard the fin but as the sail got to much wind inside the nose came up reducing confidence and speed.
Honestly I have to say the that wind requested a bit more downhaul and a few cm of outhaul but what here I'd like to advice is that isonic,maybe,doesn't make we feel the speed but it surely fast!
Wind increased a bit more (20-28) and I switched for my board.After some re-trim I showed everybody how sailing a 7,8 in that condition was possible (please remember we were in something like flat!).
My GPS wrote 35,2.
Then again wind decreased still a bit and I continued to enjoy the day....
I was thinking to chenge slalom board brand for that lack of feel so much adviced by other boards owner but,now,more than before,I'm sure to stay on board!
If new 111 will have the same range with a better light air attitude (for this kind of days) I'll be a Starboard fan for another season!

P.S. I continue to ask myself the reason of 75 cm wide one.I mean,if light air a wider board powered enough to make us fly (and Starboard surely warranties about control!),if a bit windy a mid size should be faster and easier.Am I wrong?

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