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as earlier said this season I sailed the 111 with NP RS:R 7,8 and Warp 6,8.
I'm still on hold for 2008 because I would see all brand releases.
Do you think that isonics suite North fine?
There's a lot of talk about that because it is considered a draft forward sail so that it should have less back hand (compared to Pryde) and,so,less chance to foil the board up and push right the fin.
What's your opinion on this?
If the new 111 has a wider tail,doesn't it need a bigger sail (in a given wind) to have the right balance and be really consistent?
I mean,if in 2007 I could use 7,8 in 15 kt,with the same wind in 2008,do I need to be in something bigger because of wider tail (so bigger fin!) ?

By the way,what about 162?
I'm a proud 161 owner.The board is so easy and fast that I really think it would be in the top next season.But I do want the max.....
What I have to expect by new one?
What do you have increased in 162?
Is it a REAL step ahed?
Does it sail freer compared to 161 or similar?
It was told me that downwind is better but upwind not so intuitive.True or false?
Any your advice about it will be welcome.

Thank you
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