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Cool Board Mag Tests ???

I`m pretty convinced that board tests (especially in 125 litre+ market) are just as much a test of the fins than the boards themselves.
Eg 07 Tests of Tabou Rocket and Goya FXR
Tabou Rocket (125 litres) was found to go upwind along lines of a Formula (their quote) but feel quite directional.It could also handle a sail of upto 8.5 metres .
The Goya on the other hand was found to be far more"playfull;not as good upwind;later planing but jumped and carved better.They reckoned biggest sail was 7 (ish)
Boards are within a couple of cm in width; Goya a bit longer)
Now the good bit; the Tabou was fitted with a 46cm Slalom fin and the Goya with a 36cm MFC(Which I reckon offers less drive than my Northshore 32)
Its a bit like testing 2 cars and saying one outcorners the other but its fitted with slicks ???
Why not test the boards with a fin which matches the sail size ???
How on earth is anybody supposed to draw any conclusion which such a blatant disregard for objectivity? How would Goya go upwind with the 46 ??? How playfull would Tabou be with the 36??
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