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Default RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104

Ian and Ola,

I understand your points and do not think that you are looking at this in an elitist way, rather from the perspective of very advanced sailors who are having some memory lapses of your struggles before you joined the ranks of the super elite of windsurfing. You can turn my formula into a matrix indeed for the expert sailors if you like, that is if the experts would bother because by and large they don?t need a formula. (But it would work if they did. Every expert can develop his own coefficient and they could go to the extreme of having 2 or 3 coefficients for different aspects of windsurfing). It is the rest of us struggling mortals, the vast majority of your customers, who would benefit tremendously from a guideline. Once they advance from the point of needing to turn the guideline into a matrix they can do so or throw the formula away.

I use myself as a measure. I do not deviate from my formula as I am simply not good enough to appreciate the benefits of doing so when I have so many more urgent issues to deal with on the water. I consider myself a good sailor, maybe in Maui slightly less than that, but probably in the top 10%. Frankly Ola, casual users don?t often change fin sizes for a given sail, they are lucky if they have one fin per sail in their quiver. More often they are grouping sails around one fin size. I am rare amongst casual sailors to have 11 fins for my 11 sails. And even if they did, it does not change the benefit of the formula as providing a personal standard around which modifications could be made to suit unique situations.

I know that there is no disrespect from either side and we are all genuine in our efforts to promote our sport but I hope that you can walk in my shoes and appreciate that I see your position on this issue as stubborn to the point of being insensitive.

I am off for a few days but I think that I have said all that I can say.

Have a terrific day.
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