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Default ?'s re installing inserts in 12-6 SUP ....

I need to have a shoulder strap on my 12-6 *board sup and my plan is to install a few inserts to attach the strap to. a friend with lots of old windsurf stuff gave me a few of the inserts you see in the pix below.
my plan is to drill a hole, fill it 1/2 up with hardware-store-type 2 part 20-minute epoxy mixed with bits of fiberglass, and shove the insert in. oops-- the first thing i hope i do is tape off the hole so when the epoxy oozes out, it oozes onto the tape and not the board.
anyone see any flaws in my plan? hardware-store epoxy good enuf, do you think? and, what about the inserts themselves, think they'll stay stuck in the board okay? anything else i need to know?

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