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I would say the Drake Crossover 28 for your 6.0 and 30 cm for your 6.5 sails for freemove, freeride blasting and B&J.

I'm using the stock Drake Freeride Flow 30 cm on Kombat 86 (and Kombat 95) with wave NR 6.2 or freemove Jet 6.9 sail with my 65 kg (straps x 4 all back and outboard) for freeriding.
A wave onshore NorthShore 9.0" fin (23 cm) is fine with same sails for light wind waveriding (straps x 3 all front and inboard) whereas the Drake stock Natural Wave 24 cm is too small with these 2 sails (much less surface).

Cheers !

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