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Sounds interesting the Miami proposals for Racing...

I still think there should be prizes separated in Formula and slalom and one "overall" as there must be people without one type of baord that can race in one or other.

They say for an event 2 boards 4 sails...for slalom and formula together....
I will say that as for the range of wind with modern sails:

up to 20 knots formula with ONLY ONE sail ONE board is enough. I have been sailing in FE the other day with OVerdrive 11.0 in 28 knots with my 70 kilos...still possible.

over 20 knots with 2 sails is enough...

then the rule, 2 boards 3 sails.

Finally, no custom fins, just the production fins of the board or an alternative production fin. I think customs fins are more expensive than sails...

About raceboard + slalom? same format than the one above...can be something to discuss?

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