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I don't know where you live, but having 12 knots in every event (every day?) certainly sounds like a luxury. And it certainly sounds like if planing windsurfing would be the call.

On the other hand, I wonder if fleets of 50 FW racers exists anywhere, in any single region. My limited understanding says that in FW the difference in performance between the top guys and those that just race for fun easily becomes so big that "it is not fun for the fun guys anymore".

Formula experience sounds like a good idea. But it is not much fun to always see the racers equipped with the latest FW kit disappear in front of you. Every time, even if skills would be equivalent.

I think the relationship between FW and FE is like that between Raceboard and KONA OD. The detuned class should not start together with the full out race equipment, it is just discouraging for those that arn't in the arms race. A very hard problem.

The KONA OD class does have some shortcomings, but I believe it is the only class that realistically can reach larger fleet sizes, like 50 boards.
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