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Hi again Sam,
Here's what Tony (Starboard IT guru) has to say about seaching the forums:
How can I tell Sam to set up his search on "" to look for a specific topic?

Key1 key2 key3

Key1 key2 key3

+key1 means any pages with key1

-key1 means any pages without key1

You can use combination. There’re many more way to search but this is what I’m using every time I want to search for something.

How do I look up everything on the topic "gybing" (or jibing).

(Gybing or jibing or gibing)

This will search for pages with any of those three words on any of our website.

+jibing +carve

This will search for pages with both words on any of our website.

How do I look up posts on a specific product (like the F-Type or the Carve).



Can we use the existing search engine on the archived web sites (I don't remember them working too well)?

Yes basically it works for everything we just cannot control how often they will re-index our website but for the archive websites we’d never update them so it’s likely to work very well.

Please try out Tony's suggestions and let me know if they work for you.
If not, get back with me and we'll try something else.
Tony's suggestions are for using Google or one of the other major search engines.
The protocols may differ a bit with each search engine, but the format should remain
fairly consistent.
Hope this helps,
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