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Default RE: Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing

The Apollo may be targeted at the minimal low wind conditions. Most of us know that it will mean that you need a longer straight in the scoop rocker line. That will have its backside in the stronger wind and wave circumstances where the shorter straight boards (if there is sufficient windstrenght) will be vafourable.

So for allround formula conditions the Apollo may be just a bit too specialised to the windminimum and I don't think that formula sailors will bring two boards to a competition and then pick one for that specific scene. But we wait and see.

One thing is again applaudable, and that is sticking out ones neck again (that is starboard off course and not me ) to think out of the box and deliver something exciting new. We will wait and see. If only one could test these boards for a while before picking ones favorite, that would be great. Just give me a 161, a Apollo and a Serenity and I will tell after three months which I will buy

Just hope formula will no throw the great concept away with the bathwater when changes ar to slow or too quick. It is a balance to keep most exciting and trille about it enhough.
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