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Default RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five

Does the german Windsurf Cup stop at 15 knots? No formula with more wins/ Is that why so few great german sailors do not attend the biger Formula contests?

In Holland the dutch organisers of the dutch Champioship also consider to only go formula saling up to 15 knots and if the wind is steay stronger then that change to slalom. Is this the concept germany already uses? In that case your question above is very significant and could maybe apply for the duth championship 2007.

Just curious about the reasons why you guys in Germany stop at 15 knots? And what it has done to the numbers of participants. Does it mean you have to carry a lot of gear again to a championship?:@
Do you have to titles one for formula and one for slalom or is it combined? Any other interesting comments to make on this issue?

Thanks upfront and i wonder what Remi will advice?
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