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Let's be frank here. There are sailors that work off of wind, and those that don't. That's really reality here. But, we all have to decide whether it's worth our time.

For me, I'm not a racer, but I don't waste time trying to be windsurfing when the conditions aren't right. Not the ultimate engine for sparking participation, but let's be realitistic. If your want the best focus, the conditions have to be practical. An argument can be presented otherwise, but the conditions are truly paramount.

If you consider a location like SF Bay, do they regularly race during the winter and early spring months? I don't think so. Yet, folks take advantage of conditions to optimize things, even during the "off" months. Really, that's where you can develop strength.

Of course, out in nowhere land, that might not make as much sense. But, in the continental US, and much of the world that might experience a true winter, folks take a break and concentrate on different activities. When a certain amount of reality hits, folks plan accordingly.

While looking at competition and racing in the summer months, it just might be that the event is scheduled during a period of little or no wind. Some might advocate the event nonetheless, but I guess the question can be asked whether that brings strength to the sport.

I know as a surfer (the traditional type on a surfboard), I didn't get foolish or adamant about the scene unless "real surf" existed. Otherwise, the exercise lacked the necessary ingredients to be realistic. Of course shams have been conducted in the past, with true results, but all dedicated folks know the real game. Stuff has to have gravity.

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