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Hi, we are looking in our region to add one new class to our race calendar.
I assume this will be the first windsurfing class in your region that you ever had on your calendar of races.

We are looking for a class with this characteristics:

- Fun factor
- More 18 - 45 years oriented
- Less price to be competitive much better
- Atractive international events to participate
- Fun factor
I love racing. The racing can be frustrating. i.e. Travel 500 miles to go to an event and there's not enough wind for the centerboard class to finish a course. Not fun!

It is still worth it for me because it helps me stay connected to the rest of the race and event junkies in our region. It is often the only time to get together and catch up, trade stories, party. Always fun!

- More 18 - 45 years oriented
Last event I attended youngest was 15 oldest 60 in the fw class.

We also had the kona class that Bruce won. I've never asked how old he is, but he has movies from windsurfing events in the 70s. I'm sure he's lurking around the free forum somewhere.

- Less price to be competitive much better

Well if you purchased all new FW stuff, and some that I race with do almost every year. You could invest 6k to 12k US$ on 4 sails, 2mast, 2booms, 3 fins, 2boards.
(One Apollo for those wind min events and one 162 for those events that never drop below 10 knots).
Price will also depend on how well you know your distributer. (Nobody retails racing stuff anymore)

I have never seen the point of Formula Experience. If you want to experience Formula windsurfing buy some used Formula stuff.
For example, some recent purchases I know about in this region; 2005, F2 formula board $300.00, 2007 10.7 rs6 sail 350.00 , 260cm to 310cm boom 250.00, mast 100% carbon 400.00, Fin Techtonics 68cm 50.00us.

The FE class came and went around here. There's some used to buy, but I can buy good used FW equipment for less, so what's the point.
OK so if I wanted to race FE class I would have to have a 75% carbon, (they still brake too) class approved mast, class approved free race sail, and class approved aluminum boom (this boom wouldn't last me one season).http://
The FW class has an approved board list thatís it.



I did start racing on long boards. Never did well and I did not even have 1/4th the fun I have sailing FW. I a heavy, 95kg, and didn't/couldn't afford to sail bigger than the 7.5 limit, They would split into weight classes if possible, but it was a real drag to be the last to cross the finish line every time.
I could see this INTERNATIONAL

turning into a real gear war. It looks as though anything with a centerboard is leagel. There has to be a huge difference in performance between the class boards to chose form.
There are no weight splits rules that I can find. No matter what equipment I have the lighties can have the same. In light wind events i would have no reason to go to the start line.

This last weekends FW event I raced, weight was not a factor. It was leap frog racing, much fun. Races were won by 90kg racers and 70kg racers on new 2008 equipment and older stuff.

We do our best to accommodate all who would like to race
so we had one RSX and one long board in the fleet.
Then there was the Kona class.

A few FW racers have converted to Kona class. When word got out that a decent custom FW fin would set you back 800.00 they got into the Kona class. I'm sure they still have their FW gear though.
Kona is one design so at most events charters will be available.
Kona has weight brakes. >187 you can use 9.0 <187lbs 7.5 no pumping allowed, works out real well.

- Atractive international events to participate

Being down in the South Florida Republic, I can say that all of our events our international.

This is what happens in this region.
FW class makes the event calendar happen, but we know we can't do it without the participation of the one design and long board classes, which started it all in the first place.

Thatís all I have to add to this for now

The best governing body in no governing body at all.
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