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It looks like the apollo is a long formula board with less volume than the 161, plus a longer fin. No doubt, the apollo will outperform the formula in sub planing conditions.

The question is - will the apollo outperform the 161 in light wind planing conditions (6-8 knots) if the 161 has a 75cm fin? Once you have pumped up to planing speed, the board length isn't an issue, but the volume is. Seems like the 161 with more volume would have the advantage over the apollo, if both have a 75 cm fin.

Am I missing something here? Does the added length help achieve planing speed when pumping in 6-8 knots? With all things being equal, if both boards are planing side by side in 8 knots, will the water lines (wetted surface) be the same or different.

Just curious about the concept.
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