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Default RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five

Hi JW22,

you're right, we don't do any strong wind formula races in Germany. In 2006 we have had Formula as light wind racing from 7 - 15 knots with one board and one sail. From 11 - 30 knots we had slalom with one board and three sails.

So at least we have had 2 boards and 4 sails for all racing conditions. Plus all the wave- and freestylestuff, because we do all the disziplines in one event.

The years before we have had one board and two sails for both slalom and formula. Windlimit was 7 - 20 knots for Formula. But for 2006 the focus was more on slalom, so we stopped formula at 15 knots. There was no changes in the number of participants.

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