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Default Formula Experience Brazil Championship

Hi Everybodies,

Last week, we have the Brazilian Championship in Formula Experience where we see Wellington winning. &

We can see that this class growing a lot in the South America like Brazil and Péru particulary. For people who doesn't know FE is close to FW but at afordable price that help a lot people to come racing who do not want to spent soo much money. For 2500€ or under you have a complete set (Board, Fin, Boom, 11m˛ Sail, mast, etc).

So welcome in the next European (Bandol in France in next august) and World (Péru in december 2008) Championship in all age group.

The FE is perfect to help youth or adulte racers who want to race at afordable price and also the perfect class to discover new talents to grow the FW class.

All the best.

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