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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Hello Mr Gonzalo,
Sorry but this reminds me of when Gal Fridman went on a rage in the NP forum when he didn't win the RSX euros. It isn't a good look.
One should be gracious in defeat even if you believe it may have being a non event. I think you should have finished the regatta regardless and then tried for a more diplomatic protest.

It is obvious now Gaastra have a better setup for marginal planning conditions. Two different sailors have won the two biggest regattas this season. worlds and euros.

You and NP have a choice for next year,
redesign the two biggest sails to be more gaastraish
lobby to change the wind limits.

It seems Starboard want to lower wind limits and make RSX redundant.

There is always next seasons
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