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Thanks for the reply Chris. I had already read your description on the UK Boards forum and appreciate that you are upfront about your association with Starboard. I know it is still early to get feedback on the board from the general public.
It got a good review in Windsurf (I do not consider Windsurf's tests to be that meaningful, but they are better than nothing. They did start giving better comparisons a while back, but have unfortunately regressed again). Boards was not overly enthused with the 89litre Kombat and I do rate their reports.
The 96 will be different from the 89 though, so I am still investigating it. It is on my shortlist. I am not interested in sailing backwards, so the lower nose is not a plus point for me. I may have to go to Tenerife though if I want to sail one. No-one stocks them in my country.
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