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OK, so you are essentially complementing your small wave board with a light wind wave board in the form of the EVO 62 and hope it will do some freestyle too?

While I have not used the Flare 60 and also is some 25 kilos heavier, my experience from comparing bigger flares with bigger EVOs is that you can generally get going a bit earlier with the Flares. They have very fast rockers and need very little sail power to get going. Th EVOs like to be a tad more powered up to fly.

That said, even at my weight I use the EVO 62 frequently and even for me, with 5.0 and down, it is a rather early planing and efficient board. If anything, it actually feels a bit "faster" or "more free running" than its bigger siblings (relative its size). At my weight, it seems to like some sail power to not "bog down" in a turn, but at your weight, once on a wave, it will definitely be a killer light wind/small wave board.

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