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Hi LK,
Perhaps you misunderstood Ola.
You guys are saying the same thing!
And, Ola is correct.
Ask any top level formula racer where most of the "yard sale crashes" happen.....
yep, when race organizers put in a little reach at the end of the race that's where a majority of the crashes will happen in higher winds.
It's amazing to see sailors than have sailed very high upwind, for miles, into big rollers, and then nearly straight back downwind through those same rollers at incredible speeds and angles with huge sails that need to be trimmed differently for upwind vs downwind, manage to stay on top of their boards with no crashes for around half an hour (upwind and downwind), and then they "blow up" on a short reach across the swells to the finish line.
This happens alot in the races in Corpus Christi and the Gorge where the winds are pretty much side shore and the finish line is parallel to the beach.
Hope this helps,
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